Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ryder's naptime/bedtime ritual:
*Sit on potty... this may or may not result in producing anything potty worthy
*During potty time, Mommy is asked to sit on bath tub, close door, sing songs (which Mommy always does for a little while because the cuteness of Ryder singing is almost irresistible)T
*Wash our hands...even if we've just gotten out of the bath tub
*Change diaper and into pajamas if we need to
*Pick up heavy, huge baby, and rock him while sing songing together "Oh, Baby, Baby"
*Cover up Ryder, tuck blankies under his feet, cover him with blue blankie on top
*Say our prayers...and we are thankful for so many things depending on what has been going on or is in line of sight....Mommy, all our b'essings, doors, Jesus, church, pants, shirts, jackets, socks, shoes, a list of friends and families, and even once pee and poop
*Give big hugs, and little hugs, and big kisses, and little kisses
*Turn out the light, shut the door, while calling out sweet dreams, and love yous, and more hugs and kisses in the morning/when you get up

Mommy's ritual:
*About halfway down the stairs, a small victory dance and a big sigh that I hope NOONE ever sees.

He is the best, sweetest, most wonderful child, and still I feel like I have accomplished feats of unusual bravery, cunning, and heroism EVERY time I put him to bed. And it's not like he's even asleep yet.....I get a few minutes of listening to second prayers or songs or conversations until he falls asleep all by himself. I guess part of my ritual is also listening to those sweet baby words as I'm waitingforryder to go to sleep in the blessed stillness and peacefulness of being a Mommy who knows that naptime/bedtime is FINALLY here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The W Christmas

Due to the screaming, crying, and general uncontrollable sadness that Santa brought to Ryder's young life last year, we started talking about Santa early this year. Ryder has been watching Frosty all summer in Papa and Granna's van, since it became a favorite of Camden's last Christmas (and the idea of only watching a favorite movie one month out of the year is just obviously absurd), and I held Ryder, and talked him through Rudolph to maintain his interest. So with the help of the appearance of Santa on Frosty and Rudolph, we were able to convince Ryder that Santa was really very sweet and nice, and an overall good friend to have.

Before going to see Santa, I asked Ryder what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas. I expected: a ball, a train, a car, a book, a game, a ...fill in the list of normal 2 year old boy toys. I heard a ball as the answer one time, however, every other time Ryder was asked, he said, "a W!"

We visited Santa when he was at the Cleveland Mall, and Ryder sat with him, without screaming or crying, and talked to him, and asked him for a W. Apparently, he surprised Santa because Cody heard Santa say, "a W?"

So Santa had many friends help him look for a W, since his elves had not prepared to make a W. There were suggestions made on Facebook, and an elf must have visited Papa Bear's shop because a handmade wooden W appeared during the gift exchange at Papa Bear and Gigi's house, and Jeff (friend, preacher, and Santa's helper) even played Santa with a phone call when he spotted a W while out shopping. Santa found: a W notepad, a W magnet, a wooden train with an engine, a W car, and a caboose for us to paint together, and with Aunt Jonie's help, a W shirt for Ryder's favorite bear. Santa also threw in a Mr. Potato Head, the Word Factory DVD, a puzzle, balls, some crayons, markers, and notepads (for writing Ws, the only thing Ryder wants to color, of course :), and a few other toys.

Ryder's response to his Ws? "LOOK, it's a W...(turn it upside down)...and a M!"

Cody and I have always loved the season of Christmas, but never more than when we were waitingforRyder to wake up and share with us blessings that are sometimes overlooked, such as Ws.....and Ms.....and Ws.......and.....