Friday, February 5, 2010

Recommended Bloggy Reading

I was working diligently on my blog a few weeks ago ( REALLY I was looking for new backgrounds on a new site, which I spend ridiculous amounts of time "trying on" for my blog. Time may be better spent actually writing...but trying on backgrounds is like shopping from the couch, without spending money, without realizing that you no longer even come close to fitting in size ____, without having to consider age appropriateness, AND it isn't as messy as redecorating, and you can have a blog makeover in just a few I guess it's obvious I'm a big fan) Okay, now that I'm through with my digression, I was working on my blog, and I clicked on a link to a featured blog called Two Shades of Pink.

Jessica's blog is a fun mixture of useful, insightful, playful, and random. Perfect for my blogging tastes. She writes about the joys, the struggles, the life revelations, and the realness of being a mommy, and she digresses a lot, which I personally like since I also tend to meander around the point of my intended posts on a shamefully frequent basis. She is also very crafty...not shady and sneaky, although that may also be true, but crafty in that she can do amazing things with glue guns and pretty paper and ordinary objects, rather unlike me, so she gives lots of fun ideas.

So, now I'm going to avoid sharing the joys of being a mommy with you since my current joy involves taking care of a pretty potent diaper, and advise you to make a new bloggy friend.

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  1. hahahahaha...OK, this was such a hilarious shout out...but oh so sweet. Love it and I appreciate your amazingly kind words. Can't wait to be bloggy friends!


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