Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mudder's Day

Moms everywhere celebrated Mother's Day today. But not me. I celebrated something far more special than Mother's Day. I celebrated Mudder's Day.

The most beautiful blond headed, blue eyed boy to have ever come down the stairs from his sweet pirate nursery (that now has a big boy (toddler) bed), complete with messy sleepy hair and footie pajamas was so happy to announce to his mother "Happy Mudder's Day!" He was holding the hand of his so very handsome daddy, and we were not even running late. *Morning Bliss*

That very handsome husband had thought to get a card that was made just for me: it had a spelling joke (he knew I was such a nerd and yet married me anyway :) *True love*

Two striped ties later, we were in the van heading to Bible class on a beautiful day in a beautiful place with my beautiful boys. Ryder's hair wasn't even sticking up. *Perfection*

The first words I heard when we got close to Ryder's Bible class were sweet Carter's voice asking for "Ry Ry," and I got to hug my own beautiful Momma who helps teach Ryder and Carter's Bible class. I remember Mom reading stories to us from a Bible storybook that is an image in my memory. Daniel in the Lion's Den is always the page I see when I remember that book because that was always my favorite, and now my mom is there teaching my boys (I share Camden and Carter :) those same stories every Sunday morning. *God's plan*

I was able to sing to my Savior and worship God the Father who as Jeff preached, shows His children the compassion of a mother, with my family all together (we were missing Papa Bear and Gigi, but knowing that they would be back later in the day made them seem not so far away while they spent the day with Granny Bill). Joe's mother was with us, and having Nana sit with us adds joy upon a time of joy. *In truth and spirit*

After services, we were able to add Granny to our group of mothers, and we all went to Tako Yaki to eat at the habichi table. My Granny and Papaw are tangled up in so many of my favorite childhood memories, and I am so thankful that she is a part of the boys' childhood since so much of my childhood was shaped by time with her and Papaw. We even got to share the day with an aunt and uncle we don't get to see very often. *Precious memories*

Unfortunately, Ryder decided that the show put on by the habachi chef was a little too high thrill for him. He tried to escape the scary vent (I don't like that vent!) and the volcano flames (I no like that fire!) by several trips to the potty. Last time we went, he was interested and fine, but this time was a little much for my not-quite-the-daredevil son. His report of the dinner: I cried because I don't like that vent. Well....that's my Ryder....*shrug*

Ryder's terror of the vent was replaced by his current favorite pasttime: riding with Jonie! So off with Aunt Jonie and Uncle Joe and Carter he goes to Papa and Granna's new house on the lake. The house is getting close to completion, and it is gorgeous. Ryder loves playing on the porch, and he was happy to talk about the trees and the sticks and the scary vent and the terrifying fire and butterflies and Mannienewt his imaginary squirrel. *Happiness*

A short not-a-nap later, we were back with our East Side family for evening services. We then went to eat with friends and returned home with to an evening of hide and seek with Aprilia. The game works pretty well when I hide and she and Ryder both look for me, but then Ryder decided that he needed to hide with me and let Aprilia find us. He is the worst hider ever. He laughs and moves and giggles and talks, and then springs out as soon as Aprilia comes into the room. He thinks it's fun anyways, and laughs like a maniac, and well, Aprilia didn't complain about it or tell him how bad he was at the game :) At some point during my Happy Mudder's Day, my son's hands turned blue. Don't know exactly how or when it happened. Don't know exactly or even roughly what caused the blue of Ryder's hands, but it's something that is stronger than two rounds of Dial soap. *Mysteries*

I'm now spending the rest of my Mudder's Day in a quiet, still house. Cody said he was sorry that he didn't have a present for me today, which was my choice because I picked out cushions for my porch chairs and got a quilt for my bed recently (and they are so pretty and covered with flowers!). What presents could compare with a Mudder's Day spent as a granddaughter, and a daughter, and a Mommy? What Mother's Day present could come close to an arm hug from a blue handed little boy telling me Happy Mudder's Day as we hide not so quietly while we are waitingforAprilia to find us cuddled under a blanket in his night night room? I may spend my life waiting for Ryder, but today I wasn't waiting for him at, I was just enjoying being a very happy Mudder. *Blessed am I*

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  1. So glad you had a Happy Mudder's Day with your blue-handed boy and sweet husband. LOVED your post-thanks for almost making me cry first thing in the morning. Will you write for me one day when I want to write down memories? You do it so well! I am sure we can find a tool like in Harry Potter to let me take my memory out so you can have a look and then write about it.
    Love you!


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