Saturday, August 6, 2011

While he is Mine.

I am a mother;
I have been given a son to love, to teach, to learn from, to guide, to raise,
and then to give him the opportunity to make his own choices, to become his own man.
While he is mine to mold...

I will help my son make a card for someone who is sick,
but I can't make him be compassionate.
I will show him how to pick beans from the garden,
but I can't make him be thankful for his food.
I will remind him to pick up his toys,
but I can't make him be content with what he has.
I will teach my child to sound out his letters,
but I can't make him love to read.
I will instruct him to hold the door for an elderly person,
but I can't make him be conscientious of the needs of others.
I will require him to say "I'm sorry" when he has done wrong,
but I can't make him truly feel sorry for doing wrong.
I will encourage him to introduce himself to a new kid,
but I can't make him be friendly.
I will expect him to do his jobs around the house,
but I can't make him have a honest work ethic.
I will show my love and respect for his father,
but I can't make him value the gift of family.
I will share time with him planting flowers,
but I can't make him understand their beauty.
I will do my best to teach my child the truths of the Bible, the beauty of worship, and the power of prayer,
but I can't make Ryder a Christian.

I will be Ryder's mother always; teaching, encouraging, guiding, praising, correcting.
But I can't make him become a good man; that he must learn for himself.
I am so blessed to be Ryder's mother; to be given these moments of childhood that I can spend waiting for Ryder.

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