Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's in a name?

I was very pregnant: Huge feet that look like cabbage patch dolls-you know, puffy, round, with a few stitches to define toes; having to wake up and move yourself just to turn over in bed; not realizing you won't fit through the aisle because of the massive belly that precedes you everywhere...I had a great pregnancy, but even a great pregnancy is anything but comfortable :)

I was living in Columbia, away from friends and family. I was happy, but I missed Murfreesboro and Cleveland, and I was not finding a great love for living in Columbia. Misery (other than general puffy feet/can't sleep/need help getting out of a seat misery that goes along with even the best of pregnancies) was prevented by my wonderful husband, my almost perfect dog, Cody's amazing parents, Lucas and Lana, and the church at North View.

I no longer had an email address. My friends were scattered, my physical activity more laughable than usual, and I had to make up my own email address. I sat at the computer, and typed. No stress on coming up with a fun, witty name, I use Aprilia. Beautiful and uncommon, it was perfect, and apparently, someone else thought so, too. So as I tried several different versions, and none of them worked, I knew what I was doing. Making an email address, going to the grocery store, making a trip to Cleveland, no matter what I was doing, I was always, always waiting for Ryder. And although the username of Ryder was taken in various forms, no one else seemed to be waiting for him like I was.

I was so proud of my email address, and sent Denise an email, which is I'm sure, who pushed me to create a new one in the first place. Well, Denise and Cody, who I'm sure was tired of me using his. And she says "Oh no! You're not going to be pregnant forever, how did you make that your email?"

But I am. I waited for Ryder to be born. I waited for him to start sleeping through the night. I waited for him to start taking food that my body did not have to manufacture. I waited for him to speak, to walk, to hug me first, and I will forever be waiting for the next smile, his newest quirk, his first morning words because I am so blessed to be Ryder's mother and spend my days waiting for Ryder.


  1. ok-i am actually typing & crying. and this is only your 2nd writing!!! im done for. so sweet & powerful. a beautiful sentiment that every mother can relate to. looks like you've uncovered a gift, my dear.

  2. yay for Kristy's blog!! I love it! I love it for many reasons, the least of which is that I get to read your beautiful writing and maybe it will rub off on me!


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