Thursday, November 5, 2009

Conversations with Ryder

It's no secret that I prefer older kids to babies. Ryder and I (and Aprilia) are often alone at nights because of Cody's work schedule. We really miss Cody, but I don't really feel alone now that Ryder is getting older, and is no longer a little baby. I love sitting at the table with him while we eat supper and playing games and coloring together. Of course, these are things we also do throughout the day, but during the day when Cody is here, we are out a lot. Sometimes I feel that for a stay at home mom, I don't do very much staying at home!

Tonight Ryder was eating his blueberry applesauce (and it was almost finished), and he begins the following conversation:

Ryder: I don't like applesauce.
Mommy: Well, that is a surprise since you've eaten ALL of it.
Ryder: I like yogurt.
Mommy: I know you like yogurt, but we don't have any right now. It's all gone.
Ryder: I stay with Papa Bear and Gigi? (Seemingly changing the subject.....
Mommy: No, you're going to stay home and play with Mommy tonight.
Ryder: You go to the store.
Mommy: Why does Mommy need to go to the store?
Ryder: Get some yogurt. (The subject wasn't changed; I just didn't realize it was all a plan. I didn't know that two year olds made plans.)

Some of my favorite conversations come from asking about his day, whether I've been with him or he's been visiting grandparents or friends. I love seeing what he remembers and what he thinks is important about the day's events.

After quilting last week, I got in the car, and Ryder asked, "We going to Chat noo ga?"
I said, "No, we're going home." (I didn't even know he KNEW the word Chattanooga, much less would say it unprompted by anyone).

I rolled down my window and told Jonie what he just asked, and she said that Camden had just asked her the same thing.

I guess I should have been clued in then that my two year was quite ready to make plans, because apparently he and Camden had a discussion that Jonie and I were not aware of. I would guess the next part of the plan would be Toys R Us and ice cream :)

I love waitingforRyder to surprise me during our conversations. I always heard how amazing it is to watch children learn, but I never really got it until Ryder. But there is so much that I never really got until Ryder, and I realize that more and more each day.

Top: Ryder loves putting his hands in his pockets. We were getting ready to go visit grandparents for Halloween, and Denise stopped by for a visit and short photo session. Thanks, Denise!
Picture by Denise Skelton (
Bottom: Ryder with his hands in his pockets at the pumpkin patch.

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  1. I hope you save all these blogs as a gift for Ryder when he's "waiting for _______" of his own someday! What a precious treasure that will be for him to read your recollections of him!


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