Thursday, July 22, 2010

For Loving Memories of Mannienewt

Mannienewt running down Ryder's arm

Mannienewt, the pocket squirrel, passed away on July 12, 2010 due to unknown causes. When not living in Ryder's pocket, Mannienewt resided at 890 Yorthsite. A picture of his house can be seen on the trivet given to Cody and Kristy by the Rowley's as a wedding gift. Mannienewt came to live with Ryder's family a few months ago,

Closeup of Mannienewt

and spent most of his time with Ryder. Mannienewt had a troubling history of going outside by himself, going in the road, or getting up from the dinner table before everyone was finished eating. He spent much time in timeout and being disciplined by Ryder. His favorite activities were going down the slide at Deer Park with Ryder. Mannienewt was often left behind, but Ryder would diligently go ALL THE WAY back down the stairs to pick him up, and then climb back up the slide, so that Mannienewt could go too. Mannienewt also liked to go fishing and to be thrown in the water at Papa and Granna's house. Mannienewt was a good friend to Ryder and was always there when needed. Ryder informed many of Mannienewt's friends that he was sick at the 4th of July part at Tommy and Brittany's house. We had no idea his illness was so serious, and many friends were saddened when Ryder informed us that "Mannienewt is dead." Services for Mannienewt have not been arranged yet, but....oh...wait...Mannienewt is in your pocket, Ryder? YIPPEEEE!!! Nevermind, friends, Mannienewt is NOT dead!!!! That crazy Mannienewt. He's just waitingforRyder to open the door and let him back in :)

Ryder telling us "Mannienewt is siiicckk."
(with classic Ryder wink expression)

Pictures of Mannienewt by Denise Skelton ( Not just any photographer could get such great pictures of a very tricky squirrel like Mannienewt. Thanks, Denise!


  1. I am surprised that mannienewt is so active because he is seldom mentioned at 890 York Road. I have no explanation.

  2. From Emiline

    Kristy, I was so sad about Mannienewt until I got to the end of your post. I mean--I got to meet him the day he and Mikey went fishing at the Skeltons and Ryder even let met hold him --and now he was gone! So, I was very happy that he had not, in fact, passed away.


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