Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Cahoots with the Portertown Family

I love the phrase "in cahoots." I know it's not so very much popular anymore, but I think it may make a comeback. Particularly around our family and friends. I think the Alpha Chugga Milka boys may bring this particular term into popularity. (I'm including Ry in the frat, even though he doesn't have the frat boy look. I'm hoping he gets in just by being friends with the cool kids. For more info, see Jonie's post Alpha Chugga Milka for Life in my blog list.)

When Ry was the age of just walking pretty good, and Cam was 8 months older than just walking pretty good, Cam was in a vacuum loving phase. Vacuum cleaner=best toy ever to Cam. Not so much to Ryder. The boys had been playing in Cam's room, but suddenly were quiet. So of course, quietness has to be checked on because two little boys and quietness surely means some kind of trouble. We open the bathroom door, and Camden has somehow wiggled and maneuvered and coaxed the vacuum cleaner out of its spot in the bathroom closet and he and Ryder are in the bathroom, door closed, playing with the vacuum cleaner. In diapers, and in cahoots.

I suppose Mannienewt is part of Alpha Chugga Milka, too. Maybe he's the mascot. The whole Cam throwing the very patient and very invisible pocket squirrel over the fence story shows more evidence of the boys being in cahoots, but it's not only Cam and Ryder who play together with the imaginary squirrel. At Camp Wetoga, Carter and Ryder were playing catch with Mannienewt across the breakfast table. Usually throwing things at the breakfast table is not allowed, but I suppose Mannienewt will have to learn to run and hide if he doesn't want to play catch with the boys at breakfast. So, even though Carter just turned two, he is very much in cahoots with the boys.

Ryder has been in the three year old Bible school class with Camden for a couple of months now. Cody gets this report when he picks Ryder up for class (following story as reported by Cody:

"Cody, what is your last name? I just went blank in class and could not remember."

Cody tells Ms. Teresa our last name.

"I couldn't remember your last name, so I asked Ryder. He said your last was Portertown. I didn't think that was right, but I just couldn't remember it, so I asked Camden what Ryder's last name was, and he said it wasPortertown, so I thought maybe I had just completely forgotten." I must admit that I don't keep many of Ryder's creations, but I think the Bible school paper with the title "The Portertown family" will have to be saved. So, I love the ways these boys play together. I just hope that their episodes of being in cahoots stay so funny and innocent! I love not knowing what to expect while waitingforRyder....Portertown :)

(And by the way, I have now used the phrase "in cahoots" so much that I'm really starting not to like it. My apologies if you are now supremely annoyed by the phrase. I am just now realizing that it is only fun in small doses :)

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