Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ryder Luke.....the name that sustained the negotiations during the months preceding our son's birth. It was NOT an easy process. We used several copies of the "Best Book of Over a Gazillion Baby Names," crossing out, circling, making lists, adding to, hearing suggestions (solicited and unsolicited), gauging reactions of possibilites, looking at current popular names, and trying to balance the line of different but not weird. I am thankful that my blog is not waitingforBismarc (which I'm sure is the perfect name for your child if you named him Bismarc :) I even asked my freshmen their opinions on the names that were our top considerations, and they were very eager to evaluate the names for teasibility factors that we might not have considered. Cody had suggested Luke from the beginning, and although I liked the name and liked having a Biblical name, and didn't know any Lukes, I still wanted something not so common. And of all the names we had considered, Ryder just seemed like the name that would fit Cody's son. So, despite it not being a favorite of all the family, we decided to make the decision and embroider Ryder Luke on blankets, and bags, and towels, and toys, and anything that could be written on in any way.

And it just...fits. He IS Ryder. His very own sweet and precious, funny and unique self.

However, recently Ryder has informed us that his name is now Batman. The kid doesn't even really know much about Batman. He doesn't watch Batman, and has no Batman toys. But he does have some Batman underwear, and Camden and Carter like Batman, and so apparently that is enough to warrant an entire renaming of himself. It started with a simple "I'm Batman!!!" It has progressed to an insistence that he be called Batman. I have no problem with it, but I continue to call him Ryder. (That is his name, and I don't think EVERYONE should give in to his renaming). So when I say "Come on, Ryder," he will say under his breath, "Ok, but I'm Batman." After a while, it progressed to him referring to himself as Batman in various situations: " Bye Mommy. Daddy and Batman are going outside."
Of course, as is only reasonable, he isn't consistently Batman. We were going to swim lessons last week, and Cody said, "Excuse me, Batman," (which is how he likes to be addressed, because both Ryder and Batman want to use good manners) and Ry says, "I changed back into Ryder. Batman doesn't swim."

He is a fun kid...whatever his name his.

Ryder has been naming things for a while, and it is always a source of fun to hear his names for his toys. Many of our friends have played with his toys, ToffeeToffeeYAY! and Nerniesinger. Of course, we all are happy to see Mannienewt, the pocket squirrel. Well, maybe not, SEE Mannienewt exactly. At Papa Bear and Gigi's house, he rides on Marf the 4 wheeler. Less popular is his stuffed otter Intourniquet and the lost Ardmore the Dragon. He has a Christmas elf that comes to visit, and I have thought for a year now, that the elf's name was Oliver (since that WAS the name that was written on him when he came to us last year), but Ryder has told me that his name is Chikit. So we love Ryder's fun with names, and his friends young and old just go along with it.

And then, yesterday, in Barnes and Noble, Ryder was in the children's section playing with a train set. There was another child playing, and his grandparents were there. I was around the corner looking at books, but I could see and hear Ryder. Some other people came up, and they began talking to the other little boy and Ryder. They asked my son what his name was, and very seriously, and very clearly, he responded, "Batman." They didn't really know what to say. I just stayed around the corner, waitingforBatman to say goodbye to his new friends while I laughed at my very own beautiful little super hero.
(TOP PHOTO: At Grey's party two years ago. Ryder wasn't so interested in being Batman and wearing Batwings there. BOTTOM PHOTO: Ryder is playing with ToffeeToffeeYAY! the leopard and Nerniesinger the caterpillar. These toys are the origin of the incredibly awesome, but not so well known, band ToffeeToffeeYAY! and the Nerniesingers. This picture was taken by Denise Skelton (

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