Monday, January 24, 2011

In Ryder's Pocket

Right now, Ryder's clothing has two criteria for being wearable:

1. It should have no tag.

2. It needs pockets.

And there are huge bonuses for any clothing that also has a cape, like his new Batman pajamas. Bonuses also exist for his two favorite T shirts: the Ry Ry no like sand shirt, created by Andy Sneed for the ToffeeToffeeYay and Nerniesingers Spring Formal band of 2010, and the Rico shirt, which Cody brought back a year ago from K9 training school with Rico (and is still WAY too big :) And the most recent clothing bonuses go to anything Granny Bill has sent to Ryder (as in the yellow jacket that is way too small, but that Ryder insisted on wearing everywhere...INCLUDING the bath tub when I thought he was taking a potty break. It is still wet, and he is still asking if he can wear it).

I can understand the no tag condition; they are itchy and annoying. And perhaps wearing a shirt with a picture of yourself would be consider narcissistic, however since the child is in his Ryder Cry, I'm pretty sure that is not a "one of my proudest moments" type situation to cause any sort of bragging. A shirt with your dog is pretty special, especially since Daddy and Mommy have a shirt just like it, and perhaps Ryder is starting with sentimental attachments early with wanting to wear all his Granny Bill clothes at once, which is how he wanted to dress this week: "I want to wear all the clothes that Granny Bill got me." And it's quite obvious that any clothes with a cape should qualify in the favorite clothes category for a three year old. But of all clothing requirements, I think we would all benefit from wearing clothing that has Ryder's pockets; for in his pockets, he has everything he could want or need.

In Ryder's pocket, he carries friendship. Mannienewt, the pocket squirrel, shared adventures and troubles with Ryder. We still see (or don't see) Mannienewt, but not as much as we used to. I miss the fun little squirrel, and I hope that he stays in Ryder's pockets, even as his friendships grow more.....visible.

In Ryder's pockets, he carries sweetness. He came to me a few weeks ago, and handed me a piece of Superman candy from his pocket. I thanked him, and put it in my mouth, only to hear a horrified 3 year old save me from my mistake, "NO Mommy! It has paper on it!" I took the paper off the candy, and it really did taste much better afterwards. And it's fat free and calorie free :) After repeating the same episode with Cody, he gave Gigi a piece of the candy at our request, but before she tried to eat it, he cautioned her about the paper. We went to play with Camden and Carter the next day, and Jonie asked for a piece of Superman candy, but Ry said he didn't have any more because Papa Bear ate it all. Luckily, he had some Batman candy, and as he handed it to Jonie, he told her about the paper. I'm very happy that he only carries wrapped candy in his pockets because otherwise, it would probably have pocket lint all over it and be very messy. I hope that Ryder will always carry sweetness in his pockets that he will be able to share with his friends.

In Ryder's pockets, he carries compromises. All three boys were at the Verizon store, and Jonie was holding Carter, who was holding a toy that Ryder wanted. Ryder reached into his pockets and pulled out some "monies" that he offered to trade Carter for his toy. Carter has a fine appreciation for tangible items, and was not interested in Ryder's proposed trade. Really, even if Ryder had pulled out spendable coins, I think the value of the toy in the hand would far outweigh the value of any amount of coins to any sensible two year old. I hope that Ryder will always carry an attitude of compromise with him to help him solve his problems. I also hope he gets a little better at it :)

In Ryder's pockets, he carries time. Ryder really wanted a watch before Christmas, and we told him that Christmas was coming, and he could ask Santa for a watch. A few days later, Ryder shows us the watch on his wrist, and he used it to help us plan our day. At 9-4 we would go to bed. At 24 we would play games. I hope that Ryder always remembers there is time to be happy with what we have, instead of wishing for what we don't.

In Ryder's pockets, he carries contentment and possibilities. Whatever Ryder needs or wants, he can find it in his pockets. Toys, money, friends, snacks,'s all there because Ryder has learned to be satisfied with what he has. Many adults carry versions of these items in their pockets or their purses, versions that other people can see and touch, and yet, they fail to realize the possibilities that they carry with them. We live in a world where we have so much STUFF, and we still fail to realize we have everything we need, right at our fingertips. There is a great chance that I'm going to rip a tag out of my clothing before wearing it, and while I'm waitingforRyder to decide what he's going to wear for the day, I hope I learn to fill my pockets with friendship and sweetness, compromise and time, contentment and possibilities because it is up to me to see my many blessings that I carry with me each day.

******************************************* I don't generally recommend actually carrying tangible, visible friends in your pockets. However, some people DO carry little dogs or animals in their pockets, but I did think about changing that point. Jonie and I carried a sugar glider in his special pocket into many places that probably would not have appreciated our friend if he were made visible. Wow! I just realized that I had a real pocket squirrel that Ryder doesn't even know about. Perhaps that's best due to the grisly fate of that friend.

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