Thursday, April 21, 2011

Superhero Ryder

Ryder is a superhero. He is Batman, or Robin. Some days he is Master Yoda or Ironman. Occasionally, he is Dar Fight (the good guy version of Darth Vader :), and rarely, he is simply Ryder. But no matter who he is, he is a good guy.

I am not at all a Star Wars fan, but Ryder loves it. Without watching it, just from playing with Camden and Carter's toys, from a sticker book Daddy and Momma got him one day, from all these small things, Ryder has decided that "a star war" is his favorite toy. I have tried to ignore his love of Star Wars, to encourage Diego or Superwhy (which he still really likes, also), and just hope he would grow bored with Star Wars. But Jonie explained it to me one day. She said, "Kristy, they have swords. That glow." Mother of a little boy, lesson #1-If you don't want your little boy to like Star Wars, never let him see the glowing swords, because really, that is all. it. takes.

So, I gave in and Ryder now has a Star Wars shirt, some pajamas, and a couple of toys. He only knows about a few of the characters (taught to him by Camden). His favorite characters:
*Master Yoda (he's a good guy)
*General Griev-e-ous (he's a bad guy, but he has 5 light savers)
*RdtootieDtootie (sometimes he is also called CR)
*Darth Vader (who is a bad guy and a little scary, so he turns into Dar Fight, who looks just like Darth Vader, but he is a good guy.)

So Ryder loves Star Wars, and Batman, and Ironman, and Spiderman, along with the classic good versus evil story line. And while I may not care for droids and gadgets, the good versus evil storyline? That, I can totally appreciate. I'm just sad that Ryder doesn't remember his trip to the space center that featured the Star Wars exhibit, complete with him coming face to face with the Snow Monster (the one from Rudolph, that we had promised him was not real).

And if you haven't been introduced to Superhero Ryder.... well, he's a boy who loves Ws and has an eating noise. He wears capes and eyes holders and shiny shoes. He makes up stories and sings songs. When he runs, he moves his elbows as much as his feet. He's conquered great fears in his lifetime and his weakness is no longer sand or cats. He gives great arm hugs and has many friends who love him. But the most important thing to know about superhero Ryder is that he is most of all a good guy.

And his Daddy and Mommy love waiting for Superhero Ryder's next episode. It's always entertaining, often insightful, and always comes with cuddles for Mommy and wrestling for Daddy.

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