Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Out for a Stroll" featuring Aprilia

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Photos by Denise Skelton: She'll give you something to blog about!

Credit for this picture is given mostly to my wonderful friend and talented and creative photographer, Denise, to my sweet and amazing dog, Aprilia, to my very patient husband, Cody, and to Wesley who helped keep a supply of treats ready for our session(s) with Aprilia. If Denise can take such fun pictures with Aprilia, imagine what she can do with your kids!

Oh what a fun time this was!
This picture can always make me laugh, and two and a half years later, it is still one of my favorites. I am planning an Aprilia post later, but I also wanted to give a thank you post to Denise because I have used and will use her beautiful photos in my blog as long as she allows me to. The Aprilia post is coming soon, though, before our life changes with the addition of Cody's canine partner in November. It's possible that I may need a written reminder of how wonderful Aprilia is and how much I love her as we attempt to add another dog to the family!

(No children or animals were harmed -or at risk, the stroller is empty, and Ryder was safe in my belly-during the taking of this photo.)

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