Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ryder's Interpretation

Ryder has always been a happy baby; happy, but quirky! When we took this picture, Ryder decided that he did not want to sit in the grass. If we waited for Ryder to resolve his quirks, we may never get a picture. Therefore this picture shares a similar expression with pictures of Ryder sitting with Santa and the Easter bunny.

Ryder was showing Denise around Papa Bear and Gigi's house, and they have this picture in a collage frame in their bedroom. Ryder pointed to it, and said, "Ryder got a spankin'." Denise, who took the picture, and I tried to explain that baby Ryder did not get a spanking, and he was just mad about sitting in the grass. I'm pretty sure our explanations did no good, and Ryder is convinced that the only reason he would be crying when he was sitting in the grass outside with Aprilia is because he had gotten a spanking.

Ryder's interpretation of this picture was so sad to me! Much sadder than when I actually have to spank him. I would love to know Aprilia's interpretation of the picture. I'm sure she shared Ryder's sorrow as she patiently waited for us to let her up and away from the screaming child. All the sadness, but this Mommy still LOVES this picture!

( Photo, and experience, courtesy of wonderful photographer and friend, Denise Skelton.

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  1. Seriously? I read the post before this and was about to cry. Thankfully this was next and I laughed.
    I love that sweet boy! Wonder what his interpretation is of the picture of Aprilia looking down at him as a baby (with a treat behind his head)?


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